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Institutional Support Project

Daily exposure to crisis and trauma can have a detrimental effect on frontline workers if opportunities to talk about their experiences and its impact on their lives are not provided by employers. Fire personnel, emergency staff, police, people working in the medical profession, social workers, educators and community workers are prone to vicarious and secondary trauma as a result of exposure to violence and trauma.

This project creates opportunities for frontline workers to engage in a safe environment with the emotional difficulties that arises as a result of their ongoing exposure to traumatic incidents. Group support and debriefing sessions are facilitated by a registered counsellor. Confidentiality is a fundamental principle to which the group and the counsellor has to adhere to. Individual counselling is offered to those who prefer one to one encounters or who require in addition to group debriefing a private session with the counsellor.

Services rendered: Awareness raising campaigns, group support and debriefing, telephonic counselling, individual counseling.
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Our problems may be great in South Africa but the spirit and strength of our people is quite extraordinary.
Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, patron of The Trauma Centre

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