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Building Resilient Families Project

If the fight against violence in society is to be won, it has to earmark the family as an important role player. This project works toward reconstructing healthy families in communities where gang violence, domestic abuse and sexual offences have eroded the ability of the family members to work together as a close unit.

The BRF project has started working in Bredasdorp focussing on unpacking the concept of fatherhood. One of the main themes that have emerged both in theory and practice is that the youth today is hugely affected by absent fathers. Absent fathers refer to fathers who have abandoned their children and families, as well as those who are emotionally unavailable for their children or relinquished roles and responsibilities. Fathers do play a pivotal role in ensuring that their children realise their potential and become contributing members of the community.
Service rendered: Awareness Raising Campaigns; Capacity Building Workshops; Individual Counselling for Men and Boys; Group Support; Family Group Counselling.
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Our problems may be great in South Africa but the spirit and strength of our people is quite extraordinary.
Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, patron of The Trauma Centre

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